Louise has been my therapist during the most difficult time of my life. At the age of 35, I have been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Louise and I have been working together for eight months since my diagnosis, meeting regularly every week, until my surgery and full remission. The journey with Louise has been deeply transformative and a fundamental part of my healing process. Louise is an extremely intelligent, sensitive and intuitive person. She helped me deal with the extreme stress, anguish, panic and anxiety that characterized my medical journey.

I have worked and met several psychologists and therapists, but the feature that makes Louise unique is her ability to speak a universal language that weaves together knowledge and references from modern psychology, spirituality, yoga and body-mind awareness. It really resonated with me being able to speak freely about “soul” and “spirituality”. This is often not possible with a “traditional” psychologist. Alongside with one-to-one session, we also experimented with Breath Work sessions and other sessions where my husband joined us. I warmly recommend Louise to anyone who is willing to engage in an introspective and truly transformative journey. L

I just wanted to say thank you for really helping me transform my life and transform the way I think about myself. I truly have never felt better and I woke up this morning feeling liberated, I am excited for my journey ahead. Thank you for your constant support and guidance and for showing me that change is possible. I will always value you and your words of wisdom. R

Louise is quite simply the best therapist I have ever had. Her openness and generosity to hold space for whatever is needed is so beautiful. I feel safe and able to move again, I cannot thank her enough. C

I wanted to thank you for giving me a beautiful example of being a woman deeply grounded in her pure feminine essence. Thank you for showing me that part again, and the deep truth in that. A

Louise, thank you so much for your wisdom, skills, support, enquiry and challenge. I feel so lucky to work with you. Warmest wishes. S

I wanted to let you know that our session had a profound effect on me. I also want to say that in all the years of counselling and therapy I’ve had in my life (and it’s a lot), I’ve never before been able to say that to any of the professionals I’ve worked with. I felt such release and gratitude. K

Thank you for supporting me through my difficult journey, Louise. You saw a future when I couldn’t, you believed in me when I didn’t, you were my eyes until I could see a way out of the darkness. You helped me grow by building trust with your empathy and authenticity. I will be forever truly grateful. J

Working with you is like doing therapy on steroids, in the best sense possible. I’m growing faster than I could ever imagine. L

Thank you, it’s been quite amazing indeed, my consciousness expands at a staggering speed, simply because I’m embodied and my spirit has a place to live in the 3D world! Before it was mostly evaporating into space. M

Thank you, Louise, for helping me to set my own ball running on who I want to become, who I am becoming… My story and where I am would possibly have happened without you but not with this much love, flow, passion, pure me inside. Many, many hugs and may you carry on having that impact on those around you. A

Your intuition and being-ness are amazing. I love that you know when to follow the call to ask the question, step in, step out and shake things up. Love, love, love. E

I’ve been taking stock on the inevitable ups and downs that have happened in the last year. One of the biggest positives was working with you. Without the work we did it would have been very difficult to find myself in a loving and committed relationship. And it would have been a challenge to maintain this relationship and not find myself in cycles of past behaviours linked to family relationships. A

Workshops With Mike Lousada

I truly mean it when I say that your workshop remains one of the most powerful experiences I have had to date. And I am so grateful to have met you all. K

It truly was a momentous and beautiful workshop that I will hold so dearly in my heart and feel that was down to your incredible leadership as well as such an open, compassionate group of humans. L

Thank you all so much for showing up with your deep truths. Landing back home after the workshop felt full of inspiration and new possibilities. I’m still in awe of the level courage I witnessed from the group. Thank you, Mike and Louise, for facilitating such a beautiful experience. I am also in awe of how yummy and digestible the material was. B

Mike and Louise allowed me to see my worth and beauty again. They helped me step by step reclaim my body, heart and mind. I would recommend their workshop to anyone. They truly have a beautiful spirit and wisdom that is only understood by experiencing their workshops. W

Finally, I have found the exit of a very big maze after searching for so many years…I can feel compassion, love and self-love, strength and also pride that I succeeded… These 5 days were really life-changing for me! J

Having emerged a week ago from a metaphorical gold and diamond mine, I’m feeling the glow and glitter in my eyes and core. In a self-help world, where so many things claim ‘life-changing’ properties, this one stands head, body and heart above most I have done in the last twenty-five years of personal development. R

“The Invitation”… what a magical journey I have experienced during those 5 days! Mike and Louise created a very loving, respectful and safe bedding so each of us could work at a very deep level. Immersed in a bath of awareness, love, and allowing, filled with compassion I was invited to dive really deep in myself, to the places where it is still a little dark, cold and raw, but where also lives a very deep longing to be held, to be seen… TO BE. It was embodying and nurturing for my mind, heart, body and soul and also gave me tools and trust to go and play with it in my daily life. I can become more and more the human being I am deep down meant to be. To have more pleasure in my life and be the radiant, sexual woman I am. Speaking my truth and letting flow my sexual energy because it’s my nature. With love, gratitude and respect. M

The Invitation was a safe and enchanting opportunity to examine my own life patterns and inner fears. By taking a deep breath and gently – guided by Mike & Louise – walking through this vulnerable process it allowed me to reconnect with my inner strength and the drive to change. As a couple, we have taken a deep dive into our own patterns of intimacy. What was encountered was not only what was driving our intimate life but also how we are affecting the intimacy towards each other. I feel that through reconnection with my own intimacy, I have a better feeling of what I can bring to my beloved partner. I can be real in our relationship. D

Mike and Louise walk their own talk. They are present, with an open heart and without judgements. I felt so much accepted as I am.  This gentle approach feels very precious in the times we live in. I have experienced how I can create more intimacy in my daily life by speaking the truth and being gently in touch with my own fragility. As such, it is a workshop that really taught me how to live my life more fully. B

Working with Louise and Mike supported me to make things come true, that I really wished for in my life. With their authentic and considerate approach, they enable all participants to feel themselves and to get in touch with their female\male self. Most importantly I and the other learned how to create safe intimacy and lasting connections. I would never want to miss this life-changing experience and I am glad I got in touch with the sexual woman in me. M

WOOOHOOO! It feels good to be certified and to finally be fully and officially part of the PST family. The more I work with it, the more I’m convinced that it’s the way to go for me. I’m so happy my path led me to this modality. I don’t think I would have survived this work without the wisdom, the self-awareness, the naming of things, the importance of counter-transference and the support that you both; Mike and Louise bring into this work. R