I was born in Holland in 1972 in the middle of a family wedding. Love became my destiny. Growing up in Denmark with a Catalan mother and a Danish father, I learned the spirit of two cultures: The rebellious and the grounded. This is how I do everything. I forge the way into something new, and anchor it in knowledge afterwards. I am guided by a feeling and then make a meaning of it.

My first love was in art. I touched a ceramic bowl and felt a quiver through my whole body. I spent the next 10 years trying to explain that feeling by becoming Scandinavia’s youngest professor in my field. I was living and breathing my academic career. I was lecturing and writing about art theory literally day and night. Until one day something unexpected happened:

My next-door neighbour was doing some gardening. Through the open window, the lush sound of water splashing into a watering can reached me. I looked up from my laptop as if waking from a long sleep. I realized I was utterly disconnected from life, from nature. As if I didn’t know it anymore. I only knew the thoughts in my head.

In that moment I realized what I had compromised along the way to the top of my academic game: My identity as a woman, my relationship with my body, my sexuality and my spirituality. My deep sense of connectedness with life. The very essence of what had sent me on this journey in the first place.

This feeling became my second love: The longing to connect with the mystery of life. I knew something essential for my happiness was missing. I could no longer sustain the inner emptiness that did not go away, no matter how much I excelled in my work. Retrospectively I would say that my Feminine Intelligence was guiding me. It woke me up to the fact that I was out of touch with my essential nature. Something deep inside was calling.

This was an awakening to Spirit, too. I began to experience synchronicities beyond imagination. I met one person after the other that would light up my inner fire and guide me closer to my path. It was incredibly joyful and incredibly painful at the same time. Bit by bit my personal and professional identity began to break down, and ultimately it had me leave my known world behind.

This was a leap of faith. I prayed I jumped…. and now, 10 years later, I’m finding myself living a dream I would never have been able to conceive. I retrained in transpersonal psychotherapy, and, in the queue in a supermarket, I met Mike who had developed Psychosexual Somatics ® Therapy. Love, Sex & Spirit converged. 

With Mike I have found the missing pieces of myself. I get to experience the deepest love, the deepest fears, the triggers and the healing. Real love. Growth. Living my essence. The meaning of relationship. I have met the woman inside, seen the beauty and the vulnerability of the masculine and healed my relationship with men. I no longer need to compete with them. I can finally be myself.

Together Mike and I are co-creating a balance between masculine and feminine, a deep journey of knowing ourselves and manifesting in the world from that deep place.

If you´re longing to create from this place too, come find me.