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Louise Mazanti

About me 

I left an international career as a professor of art and design when I realized that life is empty without sex and spirit. Now I am walking my talk as a transpersonal psychotherapist specialising in Psychosexual Somatics®.

I have a private practice in London where I support clients in overcoming sex and intimacy issues and enable them to access their sexuality without shame.

My mission is to empower men and women to step into their autentic self and healthily integrate sexuality as a core value in life. I believe that the more of ourselves we are able to own, the more we can access our full potential. Sexuality, in this regard, is a powerful tool for self development, and essential for our sense of happiness, aliveness and fulfillment.

I am passionate about working at the evolutionary edge for the creation of a sustainable future. I believe that each of us has the ability to contribute to social change, in whichever field we operate. Working to heal society´s relationship with sex and intimacy is my way of adding values of presence, connectivity and love.

In addition to my private practice I work as a writer and teacher supporting the development of Psychosexual Somatics®, developed by my partner Mike Lousada. Our first book, Real Sex, is in production. I hold a Ph.D in art theory and a Pg Dip in Psychosynthesis Counselling and I have trained in esoteric wisdom, integral philosophy and energy psychologyEntered the Danish Who's Who in 2008. I am in a beautiful and committed relationship and have two boys who I love and adore.





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