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Louise Mazanti
Testimonials from clients and workshop participants
Erotic Embodiment

Working with Louise is proving to be a transformational experience. What we are exploring feels very edgy. Looking at and feeling into places that for most people, and certainly myself, are easier left in the dark feels nervy and out on the edge each time I have a session. However, since Louise works in such an ethical and integral way, clearly stating boundaries and communicating what needs to be said, I'm left feeling safe to explore the sometimes shameful or sensitive areas of my sexual energy. It is not all heavy either. As layers are exposed the work can turn unexpectedly playful and fun. I leave each session feeling more in touch with myself as a man, as a grown up, and feeling very optimistic about my life. It is a rare journey.
Thank you, Louise!
Talk Work
Working with Louise over the past few years has been a nurturing and enlightening experience through which I have grown and healed tremendously. Within the safe and supportive, professional yet caring environment that Louise creates and through her expert guidance I have been able to access and receive my own internal wisdom which is a way of living I will take with me beyond our work. I am eternally grateful for her wisdom and insights which she has been so generous with.
- Rebecca, London
Due to our work I have discovered that I am actually not 'bad' as I thought, and I have understood where all these negative patterns of mine come from. And now I know I don't need them anymore! Yes, I will be who I want to be, I believe in myself that I am good enough. I can be who I want. Nothing actually stops me. Nothing - that is so unbelievably new to me.
- Diana, Austria

I am who I am
I finally trust my body
It will take me where I want and need to go
Wherever that may be
I know I will be okay (because)
I have chosen to trust, to commit, to live the journey as it reveals itself
I own and accept the process, outcomes and consequences.
Whatever they may be.
- Anoushé


I loved being in a space held so beautifully by Mike and Louise. They are both very grounded, connected and compassionate. They inspired me to explore all aspects of my sexuality, and it felt like all parts of me were welcomed and honoured. I feel the course has been influential on my life since then, as every couple of days I recall an insight from it and am able to weave it into my life. It has given me the confidence to speak up even more in my relationship, and has also deepened my commitment to be my own lover first. Beautiful, illuminating work.
- Bayari

I really enjoyed this chance to explore my sexual world under the wonderfully affirming guidance of Mike and Louise. I would highly recommend to anyone wishing to understand their sexuality better.
- David

An excellent and worthwhile workshop which facilitated the wisdom and support of the group in an area of life in which people are both sensitive and vulnerable. The workshop leaders supported us in being open and trusting, thus opening up many windows to possibilities and different experiences. There was warm, empathic support during the process. Well done, Mike and Louise for creating such a nurturing and enriching environment!
- Paul

As a quer femme I felt safe in the space created by Mike and Louise, even though the workshop had people from many different backgrounds. I relish doing more work with them.
- Deirdre

Transformative - Empowering! By exploring the underlying assumptions and motivations, I found questions that led into insights into why I am doing what I am doing. Mike and Louise held a space I could relax into and I hugely benefitted from the lighthearted yet respectful energy. I was deeply touched by the sharing and support within he group. Mike and Louise's passion for the subject is obvious and translated into heartfelt, sensitive and skillful facilitation.
- Gudrun


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