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Louise Mazanti

Session Types

Talk Therapy
Purpose: Understanding and releasing unconscious, limiting beliefs in body and mind.
Techniques: Cognitive and somatic mindfulness, emotional release, Gestalt, visualisation, energy work.
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Erotic Embodiment
Purpose: Reconnecting to your body and sexual self without anxiety or shame.
Techniques: As in talk therapy, plus Erotic Mirroring, Erotic Transference and Counter-transference, Erotic Embodiment.
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**Deluxe Package**
Purpose: Rapid, experiential bodywork intensive to heal sex, relational or intimacy issues.
Techniques: With my partner Mike Lousada, cognitive, physical release and Erotic Embodiment. See below


How it Works

Talk Therapy Sessions 
1,5 hour sessions for you who want to move away from negative beliefs about yourself, your body and sexuality and into an empowered place of self-worth and freedom of choice. Through discovering the roots of the emotions that prevents you from living the life you truly want, I can support you in healing the past and move towards a more authentic way of being.

Talk therapy
 might support you to:

  • Understand the patterns that govern your relating to partners and lovers
  • Empower your masculine/feminine essence
  • Create loving and fulfilling relationships  
  • Overcome your inhibitions in sex
  • Understand your sexual essence

From my Psychosynthesis training combined with Psychosexual Somatics® and other therapeutic modalities, I use methods such as cognitive and somatic mindfulness, emotional release, sensate tracking, neurobiology, visualisation, mindfulness, meditative techniques, creative expression, and Gestalt.

Erotic Embodiment Sessions
These 2 hour sessions are for women and men who have done some self awareness work already, and are looking for an experiential, body-based and relatively fast method to reclaim their sexual identity.

Most difficulties in sex arise out of fear, shame and lack of internal permission. To avoid these difficult emotions we often go into numbness, a pleaser role or over performing. The result is often lack of libido/erection, premature ejaculation, vaginal pain or just unfulfilling sex.

The way back to empowerment is to start feeling yourself, come back into your body and take ownership of your experience. My approach is based on Psychosexual Somatics®, which holds the belief that memory, emotions and trauma is stored in the body. I offer a safe space where these emotions can arise in order to be healed and integrated. Once this energy is discharged, space is created for your natural, erotic energy to arise.
I am using techniques as in talk work above, plus the following, which I have developed from Psychosexual Somatics®:

  • Erotic Mirroring and Erotic Transference and Counter-transference are ways to explore what happens when you connect with your sexual energy. Can you stay centered in your sexual self owning that you are a mature, sexual being in the presence of another person, or do you deny your sexual identity and turn into a boy/girl?
  • Erotic Embodiment is a way to provide a safe and boundaried space where sexual energy is supported through consentual touch, breath, sound and movement techniques. This is a way for you to explore your sexual expression in a way where fear, limiting beliefs and shame can be released. 

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**Deluxe Package**

Is a joint intensive together with my partner and world renowed founder of Psychosexual Somatics® Mike Lousada, for those wanting to work with the best capacities available, who are looking for rapid results and willing to work intensively.
The package consists of one 1-1,5 hours initial consultation and three 3 hours experiential bodywork intensives, usually offered over three consecutive days.
By working in a condensed time period this luxury package offers fast results for most sexual and relational issues. The added benefit of working in conjunction with Mike Lousada is that both masculine and feminine polarities can be supported simultaneously, allowing for deep healing of childhood wounding and relational issues.

Deluxe Package is available for both singles and couples and is especially effective for couples with relational difficulties and both singles and couples where the issues arise from childhood issues between the mother and the fathers relationship with each other at the child.

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