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Louise Mazanti

Talk Work and Embodiment

Enhance your capacity for sex and intimacy

Welcome to a journey towards more consciousness, pleasure and fulfillment. A safe and boundaried place for you to get in touch with your body and sexuality, and heal the beliefs and emotions that stop you from getting what you are truly longing for.

  • Are you having difficulties around your body, sex or intimate relationships?
  • Do you feel that you are not expressing your sexual potential?
  • Are you out of touch with your masculine or feminine core?
  • Are you dealing with shame?
  • Have you lost libido or erotic identity?

You have the unique possibility to empower your intimate life, sex and freedom of expression wherever you stand. The goal of talk work and embodiment sessions is to enable you to create a fulfilling intimate life that expresses who you really are. Together we will work to bring you in touch with your unique, creative, erotic source and resolve the inner conflicts that impede its fullest expression.

I offer long and short-term talk sessions and short-term, focused embodiment sessions on sex, body and intimacy issues.

In my work I draw on my background as a psychosynthesis counsellor combined with studies in Psychosexual Somatics®, energy psychology, conscious sexuality, integral philosophy and body/mind-relationship.

I am based in London Bridge

For appointments please call 07591 908 648 or email    



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We have opened a Sexual Wellness Clinic at Spire Southampton Hospital

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We are on faculty at the world renowned Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California 

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